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Welcome to Auerbach and Maffia established in 1972.

Our online gallery is dedicated to showcasing original examples of modernist fine and applied art – with a special emphasis on modernist jewelry. Included in our continually updated inventory you’ll find works from many established masters of 20th century design. These include pieces created by artisans associated with the American Modernist Jewelry Movement as well as Scandinavian, Mexican, Israeli and other international modernist jewelry designers. We also feature the works of fine artists, industrial designers and craftspeople who worked during the early, mid and latter part of the 20th century.

American modernist jewelry came into full bloom after WWII. Fine artists had been experimenting with alternative styles and techniques for many years beginning in the early 20th century. The Bauhaus, Dadaists, and Surrealists ideals were already influencing the art world. After the war a new focus and enthusiasm took hold of those working in jewelry design as well. These forward thinking artisans rejected the traditional European designs of the time which included the rigid geometry of art deco and the popular ornate decorative trends. These early modernist jewelry designers created vibrant, exciting and fresh pieces where form, workmanship and esthetic ideals were more important then intrinsic materials. Using brass, copper, wood, silver, found materials, stones, etc., they created bold and expressive sculptural forms never before seen in jewelry design. Some of these early artisans were - Paul Lobel, Harry Bertoia, Sam Kramer, Art Smith, Betty Cooke, Frank Rebajes, Margaret De Patta, Jose de Rivera, Alexander Calder, Ed Wiener, Jules Brenner, Henry Steig, Bill Tendler, Earl Pardon, Ron Pearson, Irena Bryner, Esther Lewittes, Peter Macchiarini, Phil Morton, Ed Levin, Everett Macdonald, Elsa Freund, Frances Holmes Boothby, Max Chayat, Frank Miraglia, Russell Secrest, Peggy Miller, Rolph Scarlett, George Salo, Rosene, Carl Tasha, Paul Miller, Musicant, Otto Orb, Toby Peller, Olaf Skoogfors and many other modernist jewelry designers yet to be discovered.

Scandinavian, Mexican, Israeli and other international modernist jewelry designers are also spotlighted on our website. Scandinavian modernists include artisans from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In our catalog you will find the works of Bent Knudsen, Bent Gabrielsen, Hans Hansen, Anton Michelsen, David Andersen, Georg Jensen, Elis Kauppi, Kaija Aarikka, A.G. Eker, Tapio Wirkkala, Erik Magnussen, Henning Koppel, Rey Urban, Bjorn Weckstrom, Herman Siersbol, N.E. From, Poul Warmind, E. Dragsted, Kaunis Koru, Kuitaan Kulta, Lindholm, Sarpaneva, Torun, Ditzel, Laine and many others. Mexican Modernist jewelry, and Post War artisans include – Antonio, Spratling, Sigi, Los Castillo, Hector Aguilar, Salvador, Margot, Emma, Pal Kepenyes, etc. Examples of work by Rachel Gera, one of the Modernist Jewelry designers of Israel, can also be found on the site.

Modernist jewelry is still exciting and alive and hopefully you will appreciate the many works offered for sale in the gallery.

The works of 20th century fine artists are also offered in our gallery. We have a special focus on examples from the New Hope Modernists or the New Hope Modern School. A vibrant and well established art community existed in the New Hope, Pennsylvania area during the early part of the 20th century. It was only natural that a group of artists would evolve and come to create works in a modernist style. Breaking free of the more traditional impressionistic genre promoted by the indigenous artists of the time these New Hope Modernists created works more in keeping with the changes and upheavals impacting the outside world. Josef Meierhans, Louis Stone, Charles Evans, Charles Ramsey, The Ramstonev Cooperative Project, and Lloyd Ray Ney, were among the artists who were part of this group.

Modernist painters, sculptors and artists from other parts of the country and the world 1920 – 1980, are also featured. These artists include Harry Bertoia, G. Ralph Smith, Lucille Ireland, William Corasick, Leon Kelly, Lucio Ranucci, S.W. Hayter, Arthur Deshaies, Otto Neumann, Rolph Scarlett, Konrad Cramer, Klaus Ihlenfeld, De Hirsh Margules, and Lopez-Loza, among others.

If your interests include the applied arts you’ll also find, on these pages, the works of Art Deco, Post War Modern, Modernist glass, ceramic and metal artisans. Included are Scandinavian designers such as Vicke Lindstand, Kaj Franck, Timo Sarpaneva, Tapio Wirkkala, Oiva Toikka, Edvin Ohrstrom, and Sven Palmquist, Italian modernist artisans and Murano glass houses – Barovier, Venini, Cenedese, Seguso, Scarpa, Bianconi, Toso, and Da Ross, along with European modernist and art deco metal workers such as Hagenauer, and Hayno Focken.

Modernist, post war modern and art deco ceramic artisans from all parts of the globe are also included along with American Art Deco icons such as Walter Dorwin Teague, Raymond Loewy, Gilbert Rohde, Henry Dreyfuss, Norman Bel Geddes, Lurelle Guild, John Held, Wolfgang Hoffmann, George Sakier, Kurt Versen, Russel Wright,Eva Zeisel, Kem Weber.

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